Story | Visual novel that KYO-YA and ASAGIRI go on a journey
in the ruined world (No choices and one way)

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One day,when KYO-YA,a high school student,woke up,the world has changed.

He can't move,buildings have gone downhill,and wast land extends.
According to a girl who passed by,it seems that the world ended.

KYO-YA,doesn't want to believe that,goes on a journey with the girl to look for other living things.

-----But.The girl had "mission".

She has to keep dying to atone human's sin.

A number of times,dozens of times,hundreds of times,thousands of times,and tens of thousands of times.She repeats to die and revive.

As KYO-YA spends time with the girl who knows only pains,he thinks he wants to make her happy.

Only him and her in the ruined world.

He goes on a journey to live with the girl who keeps to die.